Hydro Blue Freedom Jeep JK Unlimited Comes Home!

Not to be left out of the fun, Helen decided she needed a jeep of her own!  In September 2013 she placed an order for her very OWN Hydro Blue Freedom Edition Unlimited, which was ordered sight unseen.  It was a new color for 2014 Wranglers and when ordering opened there weren’t even any promotional pictures of the color available!

He was finally delivered on October 29, 2013, after being held hostage in the Kirby rail yard for ELEVEN long days.  He was immediately christened Celticon, for Helen’s love of all things Irish.  His first REAL mod was another set of Welcome Distributing’s GraBars™, even though he was still a baby.

IMG_0518IMG_0681 IMG_0521IMG_0697 IMG_0522   IMG_0706