War Pig came about from our obsession with Jeeps and making things in the shop to improve our rigs.  We bought our first Jeep a few years back and immediately began the process of just emptying every pocket to lift and upgrade it to make it our own.  Before we knew it, my wife caught the obsession and bought a Jeep of her own and we continued the process of lifting and building her jeep up to suit her style.

Through this adventure, we extended our fabrication skills and tools through experimentation, lots of reading of forums, youtube and formal classes.   Friends started asking for things we were building for our own rigs, and War Pig Off Road was born.  We decided to make unique, small run products that are geared for weekend offroad warriors like us.  After all, my day job is in software development and we do this for fun.

Our purpose is to make fun and creative things to enhance our rigs and build it here in the USA when possible.

Here are some photos of our rigs.

War Pig




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  1. Seen all the positive write ups about your product on Wrangler Forum so I decided to place an order. Thanks for your help. I have picked up SOOO many tips on the site. As a newbe I really appreciate people like you and all the other for taking the time to educate Jeep owners. Thanks

    • Thanks Rick! We get a kick out of helping people. It’s also pretty cool to know that our parts are in hundreds of Jeeps around the World. The Jeep community is a great group to be a part of.


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