Adding LED Reverse Lights to Your JK(U)

FINALLY had a chance to do two small mods still left from Christmas.

I picked up the new LED reverse bulbs that my friend Ryan told me about. Man, are they BRIGHT!!! Cost about $20 from ebay. They came from China, but got here remarkably fast.

Keep in mind, this auction is for EACH BULB, so you need to order TWO!!!

Started by removing the taillight. Remember, you only need to take out the torx screws on the inside, not the two Phillips head screws on the outer side.



Next, twist the reverse light housing to remove it from the taillight. It’s the circular tab at the bottom.


To remove the bulb, you just pull straight out.


If you look closely at that picture (you may need to enlarge it some), you’ll see at the bottom right of the socket there is a white plastic piece, and top left is a metal contact. Make sure you’re holding yours in the same orientation.

When you take the new LED out of the package, unfortunately there isn’t a positive/negative mark on it. But if you look at both sides of the base, you’ll see that the wires that make the connection are on the top of the plastic pins on one side, and on the bottom on the other. You’ll want to hold the bulb as I have it oriented in this picture, with the wires at the bottom.


Then holding the housing in your left hand and the bulb in your right hand as shown above, you just plug the new LED into the socket.


And in!


Make sure the small metal clips grab onto each side of the plastic tab. You can see it in that picture. It’s right in the middle of the plastic tab.

Then slide the socket back into the housing, making sure to align the tabs so that it will lock in place when you twist it closed.


Once you have the socket secured in the housing, just line up the taillight on the rear quarter panel (make sure everything is flush!) and put the torx screws back in.


You’ll see you can see the new bulb shows through the lens cover, but it doesn’t bother me.



During (right bulb replaced):




Since it was still light out, the pictures don’t really do these bulbs justice. But looking at the new LEDs installed and you’ll be seeing spots for the next fifteen minutes!

Now I can’t wait to get my backup camera installed and take advantage of the new lights. Mike and I took my jeep out Friday night and when he threw it in reverse to back into a parking place, the camera screen came up, but it stayed black. He sat there for a couple seconds and started talking to it, asking why it wasn’t showing the video. Then I reminded him we were in MY jeep and the camera wasn’t connected yet.