Hydro Blue Freedom Jeep JK Unlimited Comes Home!

Not to be left out of the fun, Helen decided she needed a jeep of her own!  In September 2013 she placed an order for her very OWN Hydro Blue Freedom Edition Unlimited, which was ordered sight unseen.  It was a new color for 2014 Wranglers and when ordering opened there weren’t even any promotional pictures of the color available!

He was finally delivered on October 29, 2013, after being held hostage in the Kirby rail yard for ELEVEN long days.  He was immediately christened Celticon, for Helen’s love of all things Irish.  His first REAL mod was another set of Welcome Distributing’s GraBars™, even though he was still a baby.

IMG_0518IMG_0681 IMG_0521IMG_0697 IMG_0522   IMG_0706

SpiderWebShade, Pioneer 8500, ACE Engineering Pro Rear Bumper and more!

Future updates took a little bit longer to decide what else he needed and wanted.  Father’s day he got a new SpiderWebShade.  August was a stereo overhaul before the drive for our move to Texas: Pioneer 8500 head unit, amp, Infiniti BassLink sub, backup camera and Polk speakers all around.  September saw a new friend for War Pig in the works, but more on that later.  In early December it was time for ANOTHER new set of upgraded shoes, Rugged Ridge XHC 17″ wheels wrapped in 315/70-R17 DuraTracs.  For Christmas 2013 he got a new ACE Engineering Pro Rear Bumper and Cargo Rack.


TeraFlex, Rancho, GraBars™ Installed

The weekend after Thanksgiving 2012 our brother-in-law came down to help Mike install his lift. He went with a TeraFlex 2.5″ coil lift with Rancho 9000xl shocks. They spent the whole weekend working on it, taking their time, stopping to enjoy some adult beverages and just having fun. Man, what a difference a lift makes!!!


Once War Pig had his new lift, we needed a way to get up in that bad boy! Enter Welcome Distributing’s GraBars™. These handles put all the others to shame. They are built of solid steel and feel STOUT. I’ve seen pictures of guys hanging off a jeep on the side of a hill by the GraBars™!!!

About our jeeps… an ongoing production!

Our obsession with jeeps started back in October 2012, when Mike ordered his 2013 Billet Silver Sport-S Unlimited. This brand new jeep would become the original War Pig and the start of our love affair with jeeps.

IMG_0471 IMG_0470

War Pig, one day old
War Pig, one day old

War Pig’s first mod was new shoes. He started out with the stock steelies, but Mike knew he wanted to run bigger tires with the anticipated lift. His new shoes actually came in before we even took delivery of War Pig! MBTKO 15s, wrapped with 33″ DuraTracs. We were actually able to get all five new tires in the back of the jeep, with the seats folded down.