How to Poly-Fil Your Sound Bar

Courtesy of guest jeeper, Holly in AZ.

The second mod I did for Tankie was to poly-fil my sound bar. There are You-Tube videos on how to do this for pre-2015s, so you can check those out too.

Tools needed:
T20 Torx bit and driver
1 celebratory adult beverage of your choosing (or 2 if you really break a sweat)

Time to complete:
30 minutes…less if you have someone holding things for you

Step 1: using the Torx bit and driver, remove the three screws holding in the speaker cover.
Step 2: using the Torx bit and driver, remove the three screws holding in the speaker. DO NOT LET THE SPEAKER DROP OUT…hold it with your hand as you remove the last screw with the other…you don’t want to damage the connector or the wiring.
Step 3: hold the speaker in one hand and shove the poly fil into the open areas behind the speaker in the soundbar. (You can also disconnect the speaker…but I couldn’t get the clip to release, so I just held it up in the air with one hand while I stuffed the opening with the other – held onto the bag of poly-fil with my feet – real three ring circus act up in there)
Step 4: once the sides have been stuffed, stuff some poly fil behind the speaker such that the speaker has a little resistance when replaced in the opening (enough to insulate behind it, but not so much that you have to force the speaker back into the opening…you don’t want to damage the connector).
Step 5: hold the speaker in place with one hand and finger screw in the first two screws…this will hold the speaker in place for you while you finger screw in the third screw.
Step 6: tighten the three speaker screws with the Torx bit and driver. Don’t over tighten.
Step 7: hold the speaker cover in place and re-screw the three screws being careful not to over tighten.
Step 8: repeat for other side.
Step 9: consume beverage while listening to your new poly-fil’d speakers!