How to Calibrate Your JK Throttle

Courtesy of guest jeeper, Holly in AZ.

Step 1: Turn the Jeep to the “on” position but not the engine running position.
Step 2: Wait for all of the dummy lights to turn off (check engine light will stay on).
Step 3: Depress the accelerator REALLY slowly…Driving Miss Daisy with a touch of Cocoon slowly…all the way to the floor.
Step 4: Release the accelerator at the same excruciatingly slow rate.
Step 5: Turn Jeep off.
Step 6: Start engine.
Step 7: Take it on a test drive.

You may need to repeat the process a couple of times…and probably again if the battery gets disconnected. After driving around for almost a month with the calibration, I can say that the power dips are gone. It isn’t a sports car, but it does have a bit more oomph (technical word – promise ).