How To Install Quadratec Grill Guards

Courtesy of guest jeeper, Holly in AZ.

I am not a mechanic (all of my appendages are thrilled because they really like being attached to my body), so all of the mods I’ve chosen to do are things anyone can attempt – literally anyone. You? Yeah you! The one reading this thinking they can’t do it. YES YOU CAN!!!

Time to install – 30 seconds or less

Tools Needed –
Quadratec Grill Guards Quadratec Exclusive 42-0522 – EZ Install Wire Mesh Grill Inserts for 07-15 Jeep® Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK
Adult beverage of your choosing

Step 1 – Clean your grill and wax it
Step 2 – Open the grill guard box
Step 3 – Inspect each guard (in the first shipment, there were a couple of wonky ones…called Quadratec and they sent me a second box so I could get a full set of good ones…now I just have to send back the rest)
Step 4 – Determine which end goes up
Step 5 – Snap the guard into the hole on the grill
Step 6 – Repeat 6 more times
Step 7 – Step back and admire your work while you enjoy your adult beverage

Looking back at my how to’s and all of the sacrifices I’ve made to the Jeep Gods for Tankie …I think I’m beginning to look like an alcoholic! Oh well…back to my Angry Orchard while I move on to my next project. Stay tuned!

Grill Guards