How to Spice Up Your Sun Visors

Courtesy of guest jeeper, Holly in AZ.

Tired of looking at those dummy stickers? Black, cover-up decals giving you the blues? Have I got a solution for YOU! That’s right folks, time to let your freak flags fly with this modification I totally stole from someone else!

Materials and Tools Required:

Torx T20 bit and driver
Velcro – Industrial Strength Sticky Backed as seen in the photo below (found it at JoAnn Fabrics for ~$16 but had a 60% off coupon so it was ~$6 – it is 4′ long so you have plenty to use for this project with some left over)

Morale Badges/Patches (you can find them on the internet, and check morale badges)
1 Adult beverage of your choosing

Step 1 – Using the Torx T20 bit and driver, remove the 2 screws holding the visor in place.
Step 2 – Lay the visor on a flat surface with the label side facing up and the label turned so you can read it.
Step 3 – Cut 2 strips of the fuzzy side of the velcro 9.5″ long.
Step 4 – Remove the backing on the first strip of velcro.
Step 5 – Line up the bottom of the strip of velcro with the bottom of the label on the visor….center it on the visor…then press it down firmly.
Step 6 – Remove the backing on the second strip of velcro.
Step 7 – Line up the bottom edge of the second strip of velcro with the top edge of the first strip then press it firmly into place. (You want to make sure the edges are butted up against each other with no gap…if not, you get an annoying white line. You also want to make sure the sides line up – it should look like a solid block of fuzzy velcro when you’re finished.)
Step 8 – Apply patches so they are visually appealing to you. (If you have any patches that do not have the hook and loop side of the velcro, cut some hook and loop velcro to size and stick it on the back of the patch.)
Step 9 – Re-attach visors with Torx bit and driver. Finger screw both screws in first, then tighten with the bit and driver. It is a bit easier to re-attach if you clip the visor back into the holder first.
Step 10 – Repeat steps 1-9 for the other visor.
Step 11 – Enjoy adult beverage of your choice while admiring your handy work.

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