New! Adjustable Jeep JK 4 Door Seat Recline Spacers

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These spacers tilt your rear seat back to recline further than standard.  Make those long drives much more comfortable for your passengers.

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War Pig Off Road is proud to offer their new upgraded version of our spacer kit!
We have gotten rave reviews for our products and we’ve been the leader in providing the best recline kit on the market.  We were the first to include longer 10.9 grade hardware that’s needed for reclining your seat properly and safely.   We were the first to use aluminum.   And now we are leading with new enhancements to continue to provide the best kit on the market.  This new kit is the same high quality materials and craftsmanship you expect from War Pig with a few new features that have been requested by our customers.   First is this kit is adjustable at time of install.   By far the most requested feature is being able to determine how much height the front part of the seat gains and how much recline.   This new kit is plasma CNC cut from 1/4″ plate steel.  So now you can determine how many plates to use to adjust less or more of what you want.   Second, our customers requested a black finish that blends in with the color of the brackets, so we finished these steel plates with Black Oxide to prevent corrosion.   Last is we doubled the size of the spacers in the rear brackets to ensure full contact and complete support for underneath those brackets.  It’s still a straight forward install that anyone can do with a minimum of tools.
These spacers get installed between the rear seat brackets and the body pan floor to raise and tilt the seat back for a more reclined angle for rear passengers.
Do your friends not enjoy riding in your rear seat?  Do your kids complain about driving long distances in your jeep because it’s not comfortable?  Would you make a 45 minute mod to your jeep to make all of your rear seat occupants happier? Would you like an extra inch of space under the rear seat to install that new subwoofer?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want a set of War Pig Off Road’s All Aluminum Rear Seat Spacers!
After installing these spacers, you’ll immediately have a more reclined seat for better comfort.   You’ll also gain an inch of clearance under the seat in case you are looking to install a subwoofer box under the rear seat.
Our spacers are CNC Plasma cut and machine polished, made in the great state of Texas with made in the USA steel!  You’ll see other kits made from plastic, but we chose to use solid steel for strength and longevity.     Our kits come with all of the spacers you need.  If you choose to install less to have a lower front part of the seat, just save the extra spacers in case you want to add more later.
This kit is specifically for 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4 door).     This kit works with most aftermarket rear storage add-ons such as Ace Engineering’s rear rack and Tuffy lock box and because it’s adjustable, you can have confidence that it will work with whatever you install in the back because you are in control of how your seat is set up.


Here are several comments that customers have made about our products.
“Awesome. my kids love it. thanks”
“Seat recline spacers actually make the JKU back seat rideable.”
“fast shipping & perfect fit! the guide is very detailed.”
“Solid product, fast shipping, good price, very detailed instructions, cant beat it”
“Awesome!!! Installed and working great!!!”
“BAD ASS PRODUCT!!! good call on the bolts!! every JK 4 door needs this kit AAA+”
“Wow, these things are gorgeously machined pieces with replacement bolts as the stock bolts won’t be long enough. The pics don’t do them justice. MUCH nicer than the junk that’s being sold elsewhere”
“Got these installed and there is a noticeable change in comfort level. According to my 9 year old daughter. Great idea and product.”
“WhiskeyMike you nailed it………spot on……..fantastic….Once done sat in the seats again and man, what a difference. Mission accomplished. Thank you ever so much.”
“I ordered mine a few weeks back and received them in 3 days. Great instructions and super fast service. Looks like a great product and made a bigger difference than I expected when placing my 6′, 225 lbs back there. Thanks guys for being a “straight-up” business!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – 

Question:  Do you really need new bolts or can I use the factory bolts?
Answer:  Some folks believe the factory bolts are sufficient, but after looking at the lack of penetration through the body nut, we felt that it was best to provide a longer bolt to do it right. If you would prefer a kit without bolts, we provide one here
Question:  Is it easy to install?
Answer:  If you can remove bolts, retighten the bolts to spec and lift 20 lbs, it’s an easy mod that just about anyone can do.   We provide in depth, well written instructions with lots of pictures to help you in the process of installing these spacers.
Question:  Who is War Pig Off Road?
Answer:  We are Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts that own a couple of jeeps and enjoy modding them ourselves.  We decided to design and manufacture modifications for weekend warrior off road enthusiasts. We felt there was a need for straight forward made in the USA mods for those that love Jeeps and off road adventures, but may not have the technical skills to do a majority of the mods requiring more skills.  We take pride in what we produce and we’ll never make something we haven’t already installed on our own Jeeps.
Note: Bolts may be supplied in a black oxide or zinc finish depending on availability.  The finish has no impact on the product beyond the color of the bolts.
If you have any questions about our spacers, please send us a note.
Thanks for your interest in War Pig Off Road products!  🙂

6 reviews for New! Adjustable Jeep JK 4 Door Seat Recline Spacers

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Easy install, quality parts, great instructions.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jeff Rohan (verified owner)

    Five Stars!!!
    Ordered and super fast shipping!!
    Review: ALL JKU Owners GET THIS KIT ASAP!!!
    Package arrived in two days from ordering.
    Unwrapped everything and immediately could see that each piece looked like it was machined by a expensive CNC machine and was rock solid.
    Not a single burr or rough spot and the holes was absolutely perfect fit for the 4 new bolts provided in the kit.(Very impressed that the OEM bolt heads were 18MM and the new bolt heads were 19MM and longer than the OEM)
    WM even sent me the color instructions before my kit arrived.

    Install: Follow the color instructions and install took about an hour with only a breaker bar and 18mm and 19mm sockets.(OEM bolts are extremely tight but manageable).
    Open rear doors and undo straps and electrical connection so doors open all the way. Use bungie cord to keep rear doors open to front door.(I just parked on level ground and when you open the rear doors, fold in your mirror and it will hold the doors open)
    The 19MM bolts had a slight oil residue and I added a little dish soap to all the bolts before reinstall. This made it super easy to reinstall.
    Results: Hands down the best mod ever for the JKU rear seats to recline.
    Bonus: Order this kit and do the “Fold down Headrest Mod when rear seats are up” Search WF) and your rear passengers will be in heaven.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Patrick Z (verified owner)

    These are a huge improvement over the stock seating position. Quality is A+. Don’t mess around and get the combo kit with the booty board. You are already in there with the seat pulled apart. My only tip is that the middle bolt under the seat was tough to get aligned with the spacer. A very minor elongating with the drill and it went right in – probably only a 1/16 had to come off, but it allowed the bolt to straighten up.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    KC F (verified owner)

    All JKU owners should put in the mod (Maybe the factory should make the seats more comfortable) . The spacers are quality constructions along with the instructions. I wish I read Patrick Z comments before I installed. I had a similar problem with the middle bolt. Great product and highly recommend.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    a182pilot (verified owner)

    This has to be one of the easiest, inexpensive and impactful mods I’ve done to my 2010 Wrangler Unlimited Sport. The difference it made was huge!!! My kids & friends love it. The install went very easy with a 2 ft. breaker bar and the printed directions made it simple and easy. I timed the install from start to tools put away at 45 minutes. Thanks guys for a great and great looking product, I love supporting small businesses with innovative and high quality products!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark (verified owner)

    I purchased the seat recline spacer kit last month. I was able to install the kit in about an hour, working alone. The difference the spacers make in the comfort level of the rear seats is amazing. Instead of the stock uncomfortable factory sitting postion the seats are now at a comfortable reclined angle that makes the rear seats usable for longer trips. This is a very easy to install mod that makes a big difference in comfort, and you can’t beat the price! Well done War Pig Offroad!

    Mark (2016 Wrangler JKU)

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